Chandigarh,20.07.19-Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University interacted with Prof. Sesha Srinivasan, Florida Polytechnic University, USA, Dr. G.R. Chaudhary (Chemistry, P.U.) and Dr. Rajeev (Environment studies, P.U.) regarding the industry-academia partnership in creating an interdisciplinary and international curriculum between Panjab University and Florida Polytechnic University for the young and productive minds of 21st century. Innovative ideas and plans were discussed to outline and implement the desired curriculum of an International graduate program on Applied Sciences and Green Technologies that will cater to the contemporary demands of highly trained minds in industry for developing sustainable green technologies.
Prof. Sesha Srinivasan also delivered 8th Pran Nath Vohra Lecture on the topic, Clean Energy, Environment and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development organized by Department of Chemistry, Panjab University as a tribute to the distinguished alumnus of the department, late Dr. Pran Nath Vohra (1919-2004).
In his lecture, Prof. Sesha discussed two different energy storage systems, namely hydrogen storage via solid-gas reaction chemistries for the fuel-cell vehicular applications and thermochemical energy storage in earth abundant metal/bi-metal carbonates for stationary concentrated solar power (CSP) applications. He also discussed other industrial collaborative and enterprenuership projects on green technologies, sustainability and education currently underway with their international collaborators (Panjab University) and other industrial partners (Global Clean Diesel and Molekule). A recent effort on developing a proposal “Partnership 2020” (between FPU and PU) submitted to US Department of Homeland Security were also discussed.
Prof. K.N. Singh, Chairman of the department expressed gratitude and appreciation towards the generous contribution of Dr. P N Vohra and stressed that such endowment funds will really support and accelerate the departmental research activities in multifaceted ways.
Dr. G.R. Chaudhary, convener of Pran Nath Vohra Trust Fund presented the vote of thanks.
It is for the information of the general public and students of Panjab University Teaching Departments/Colleges in particular that result of the following examinations have been declared:-
1.Bachelor of Arts, 4th Semester, May 2019
2.B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology, 2nd Semester, May, 2019
The students are advised to see their result in their respective Departments/Colleges/University website.