Chandigarh,17.08.19-The Young Inquisitive and Innovative Learners of KB DAV-7, Chandigarh welcome their parents to an exciting World of ideas by bringing out an amalgam of the Scientific Temperament and Creativity in the Twin Exhibition (Science-cum-Art & Craft Exhibition) held at B. S. Bahl Multipurpose Hall on the theme “Conserve to Preserve”. Dr. R. S. Khandpur, Former Director General, Pushpa Gujral Science City and Veteran of Education field, Mrs. Madhu Bahl, Founder Principal, were the leading Esteemed Guests.

Under the guidance of their teachers, the students from Class VII to Class XII made a stunning display of their projects and models based on various themes of Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Economics, ICT, Art & Craft. The students displayed scientific temper and were at their best while explaining various concepts through various models based on 3-D Molecular Structure, Vacuum Cleaner, Water Purifying Machine, Sewage Treatment Plan, Gesture Control Car to name a few.

The highlights of the Exhibition were the Models of Social Science like EVM Machine, Evaluation of Currency, Typhoon, Solar City along with mathematics projects covering aspects like Clinometer, Robotic Compass, Pascal Triangle, Square Root Spiral, Euclid’s Geometry and many more.

In the stream of Commerce, the focus was on forms of markets, ATM Digital Transaction, Personal Bank Saving Account. The various components of Computer were displayed and Robots were the center of attraction.

Students did a Yeoman’s efforts to show their creativity and skills in the parallel Art & Craft Exhibition. The students put up an interesting array of items as paper bags, clay, models, jute decorations, Halloween lamps.

Visiting the Exhibition, Dr. R. S. Khandpur appreciated the efforts of young minds and said “Organization of such events will not help in stimulating creativity and inventiveness among students but also generate their interest for these subjects”.

The parents were delighted by the displays and appreciated the overall efforts put in by the staff and the students.