Chandigarh,10.12.19-With the aim of raising awareness on wetlands and migratory birds, KBDAV-7, Chandigarh organised an educational trip for the students of Class VI at Regulatory End of Sukhna Lake in association with Department of Forest and Wildlife, Chandigarh Administration and Yuvsatta Organisation. To bring youngsters more closer to nature, Mr.Kulbhushan Kanwar, an Environmentalist explained to the students about migratory birds visiting from far off places like Himalayas, Siberia and China. As Sukhna Lake is an excellent wetland habitat for the avian and aquatic birds, the day was marked with Shram Dhan. Students saw many beautiful birds including Rudy Shelduck, Winged Stilts, Egrets, Eurasian Coot, Common Teal, Common Pochards, Purple and Grey Herons etc. Children learnt to appreciate diversity and team spirit as migratory birds come in various varieties, unimaginable colours, habits, nesting patterns etc. Children were sensitised about the role of birds –as they provide critical links in food chain and food webs that exists in nature. Rohan, a class VI student remaked “I didn’t know that birds use a magnetic map to travel long distances”. It was a spectacular bird watching day cum an experiential learning activity.