Mohali 15th January-Dr Rajinder Singh Sodhi, Deputy Director, Aryans Group has been awarded the prestigious “Academic Leadership Award” for his contribution in the field of Computer Science. The award was given in 4th International Convention on Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Development (IRSD) held at CII, Chandigarh. The event was organized by “The green Thinkerz Society. More than 100 researchers and educators from over 20 countries participated in the event.

On the occasion, Prof. B.S Sidhu, Director, Aryans Group while congratulating him said that his achievement will motivate the students to participate in research and innovative activities. He enumerated projects like “Aryans Solar boat”, “Aryans Life Saving Glove”, “Aryans Shikara App”, “E-Munshi App”, “Aryans Android App” etc were already researched and implemented by Aryans students.