Chandigarh,20.11.13:TPR – The Pewter Room celebrates the true authentic pasta tradition of Italy – The land of olives and cheese. The Pewter room known for its serious approach towards food the way it’s served and its emphasis on presentation – now brings to you for the first time in Chandigarh, the concept of Handcrafted Pasta.


Made from scratch with flower and olive oil and accompanied by the finest of ingredients like – Recotta cheese, crabmeat, capers, brie cheese etc. These dishes are a pleasure to eat and behold. We are showcasing various forms of pasta like – Tortellini, Grocchi, Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Spaetzle.


You would be surprised to know that each pasta sauce in Italy is designed to accompany a particular kind of pasta in which we take in to consideration the coating surface of the pasta, the shape of the pasta and the size of the pasta to get a true pasta dish. We are accompanying the main course with the Salad Buffet which includes vegetable and greens. Then there is a Bread Display where we have an assortment of Italian Breads baked in our in-house bakery.

The Desserts buffet has Italian classics like Tiramisu, Meringues, Cup cakes and Apple Flans.

According to Mrs. Annu Bains, the Owner of TPR feels that this is our way of showing respect to the tradition of cooking True Authentic Italian cooking.

Chef Piyush with his rich background of having worked at the finest of hotel in India has personally designed the menu and has himself handcrafted the pastas that are going to be served in the fest.