Chandigarh, 16 February, 2016: With reference to the Article “Mount View Loses Five-Star Status” published in the Tribune on 16/02/2015, it is clarified that the article is totally incorrect and misleading. It has wrongly been projected that the Hotel Mount View has lost five-star status since August 2015 and its name has been removed from the list of five-star hotels placed on the official website of the Ministry of Tourism.

The correct facts are that as per the rules of the Ministry of Tourism with respect to the reclassification of a hotel, an application has to be made for reclassification 6 months prior to the expiry of the classification. Since the classification of the Hotel Mount View was to expire in August 2015, an application for renewal of the five-star status was made on 28th February 2015 itself, within the prescribed time period. It is also wrong that the application was delayed/rejected due to incomplete information in the application. In fact the Ministry of Tourism had sought some additional information on the said application in April 2015 and desired the same be incorporated and revised affidavit along with the checklist be furnished by CITCO. The revised affidavit was duly submitted by CITCO on 06/05/2015 itself. An acknowledgement of the same was received from Ministry of Tourism on 29/05/2015 (copy enclosed). Thereafter on 01/07/2015, the official of CITCO had been informed by the Ministry of Tourism that the application of the Hotel for reclassification has been accepted and the information pertaining to the visit of the Hotel Classification Team that shall inspect the hotel will be communicated in due course of time. Again in 1st week of August 2015, Ministry of Tourism informed CITCO that the Hotel Classification Team will be visiting the Hotel Mount View shortly.

On 16/02/2016 Ministry of Tourism has informed via email that the application dated 06/05/2015 for classification of Hotel Mount View has been accepted by the Ministry and it has been enlisted for classification inspection by the Classification Committee. Further Deputy Director General, Hotel and Restaurant Division of Ministry of Tourism has been nominated as Chairman of the Classification Committee. This Committee will visit and inspect the hotel very shortly. CITCO has been checking the application status on the web portal of Ministry of Tourism w.e.f. May 2015 till date.

As per rule for reclassification, once the application for reclassification has been received and accepted, the reclassification will be valid from the date of expiry of the last classification meaning thereby that once the inspection committee will inspect the hotel and grant reclassification, the 5 star status of the Hotel shall be valid from August 2015 itself.