Chandigarh, leading e-commerce website for booking movie tickets online is duping its customers in all the manner it can. Today when I checked online that whether the tickets for movie Jungle Book was available at Waves Cinema for 08:30 show on April 10, 2016, it displayed that the tickets for gold section of the hall was full and only few sliver tickets were left. Since it is a 3D ticket the prices for silver and gold tickets were same. Since I was not comfortable with the seats available, I gave a try by personally visiting the tickets counter at cinema hall. And what I found there was completely shocking. Most of the tickets of gold class were openly available and I got the ticket of the topmost row of the cinema hall. This certainly hit me hard that the tickets which were shown sold by were available openly without any service charges. Also for the same tickets which I bought from the cinema hall for Rs. 400/- the online website was charging whooping Rs 60/- for booking the tickets through their mode. It comes to almost 15% of the cost of the tickets. Moreover for DT cinemas no such charges are taken by the online giant. This clearly shows that such charges are levied at the discretion of the Also since these type of service charges have been banned by the Chandigarh administration, continues to charge the same which is proving hefty for the citizens.

In all these scenarios, can be charged under the Information Technology Act 2000, Service Tax Act, and other legal actions for duping the consumers at large.


Cc to: 1. IGP Chandigarh – for Cyber issue,


            2. DC- Chandigarh- for Service Charges.


 Keshav R Garg

 (B.Com, CA, CS, ISA(ICAI))

 #3328, Sector 27 D, Chandigarh