New Delhi,14.05.16-The Press Club of India along and the entire Journalist community expresses serious concern at the brutal murder of two journalists, one in Bihar and the other in Jharkhand over the last twenty four hours.

Both, the murders of Rajdeo Ranjan in Bihar and Akhil Prasad Singh in Jharkhand were targeted killings and form a part of attempts on part the mafia to muzzle the independent voice of the Media. It is with increasing dismay we also note the increase in attempts to target the Press throughout the country, by denigrating them and if nothing else works by eliminating them as has happened in these two cases.  It is in this context we demand from the Government, both at the Centre and States to come down heavily on the culprits and also create an atmosphere conducive to the free and fair functioning of the Media in the country. We also we appeal to all Media organizations in the country to come together and deliberate on how to resist increasing attacks on Press freedom. In this context, we offer our Forum for every Media outfit to come together to strategies on the Action plan for our battles ahead.