Chandigarh, 24.08.16: CITCO is the first organization in India, which is not only concentrating on hospitality through its establishment in Chandigarh, but also handle multifarious activities including concept of Corporate Social Responsibility by associating with certain social & non-profit earning organizations to organize shows/stage performances to fascinate domestic as well as foreign tourists. Of course this concept which is a very powerful organ for social existence and image- making , provides lot of publicity to CITCO. This could become possible, due to dynamic leadership and command of U.T Home Cum-Tourism Secretary and Chairman of CITCO Sh. Anurag Agarwal  Ji & CITCO’s Managing Director Mrs. Kavita Singh, who is always looking for ways and means to promote tourism in the city by publicizing  different activities focusing Hospitality, Environment, Tour & Travel and Recreation of visiting tourists  from India and Abroad.

 CITCO had helped Tourism Department to publish an exhaustive booklet preserving of rich environmental atmospherecontaining details of existing Gardens in Chandigarh, which could maintain and improve environment. This book-let is a source of information about maintaining of environment equilibrium in the city, which is a very need of today’s tourist from India and abroad. This Booklet titling “GREENS & GARDENS” provides a glimpse of different gardens, which could tempting tourists to enjoy healthy and joyful environmental atmosphere of Chandigarh.. Very Cover Page of this booklet not only speaks of greenery, spread in different part of Chandigarh, but the contents explains how LeCorbisier, French Architect, the planner of Chandigarh advocated Greenery of Chandigarh in these words

 “The leisure Valley, Gardens, Sector Greens, Forests and Trees of Chandigarh are the lungs of the City”

 In this context, Leisure valley, Rajindera Park Sector-1, Bouganvillea Garden-3, Fitness Trails Sector-10, Rose Garden Sector-16, Shanti Kunj Sector-16, Children Traffic Park Sector-23, Hibiscus Garden Sector-36, Gardens of Fragrance Sector-36, Samiriti Upavan Sector-1, Botanical Garden Sector-14,Terraced Garden Sector-33, Topiary Park Sector-35, and reserve forests at Kansal & Nepali had been detailed with photographs in this booklet, have become a big attractions for Tourist Community for visiting Chandigarh, City Beautiful