Chandigarh,15.12.16-The GST Migrators have the pleasure to announce GST helpdesk at for the migration process commencing from 16.12.2016 to 31.12.2016 in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. It is mandatory for all the VAT assessees to enroll on gst network for smooth transition to GST once it is enforced. Since there is huge number of VAT assessees in the region, THE GST MIGRATORS- A Chandigarh based concern have launched a helpdesk at which shall be operational from 0900 Hrs to 1800 Hrs from Monday to Saturday. This helpdesk shall be absolutely free of cost for the taxpayers. We hereby also provide the steps which the taxpayer has to take in order to migrate from present tax regime to GST regime.

Step 1: Taxpayer must be registered either with VAT/Excise/Service Tax Department and is also holding valid PAN Number. If PAN Number is not available, same has to be applied first.

Step 2: If the PAN Number of the taxpayer is not on record, provide the PAN Number to the concerned department.

 Step 3: Provisional Registration shall be granted which shall remain valid for six months and the relevant authority shall issue username and password to the taxpayer.

Step 4: Verify the documents with the GST Authorities like principal place of business, Branches, Communication Details by filing REG-20 Form. Form can be uploaded at Goods and Service Tax Network at by using the username and password issued under Step 3.  

 Step 5: Permanent Registration shall be granted to the taxpayer.

 Step 6: If the existing registrant is not applicable to take registration under GST, he can opt for de-registration. 

 For more information you can contact us at or call us at +91-98880 90008