NEW DELHI,11.06.17-The temperature in Delhi did not deter the Delhiites to come out and enjoy with their families the weekend at Dilli Haat - INA, where Delhi Tourism hosted its Greeshm Utsav from 9-11 June. It was a weekend with real fun and frolic for the Delhiites as they indulged into creative activities along with getting their senses revived up with the majestic Qawwali recital performance by the renowned Nizami Brothers on the closing ceremony of three days long Greeshm Utsav held at Dilli Haat, I.N.A.

Being one of the favorite hang-outs and the shopping destinations by providing the people of all age groups with an opulence of options to go shopping, eat varied delicacies and spend quality time with their family members and friends under its vibrant location; Dilli Haat, I.N.A. saw an unexpected number of over 20000 footfall by the Delhiites in the gala event.


Young children happily participated in Pottery Class, learnt how to do Fabric Paintings; learnt how to be fit in the recent times of increasing hard workloads through Yoga Sessions and prepared themselves to help the women caught up in any difficult situations by learning the various safety tips in Women Safety Session.


The closing ceremony of the month-long cultural extravaganza being organized by Delhi Tourism in association with Govt. of Delhi will be held at Haritima Tourist Complex, Kanganheri; an Eco-Tourism Complex developed by Delhi Tourism, in South - West of Delhi, which will include the activities such as - Rain Dance along with performances by the celebrated artists D.J. Gauri on 17th June & Javed Ali on 18th June, respectively.

Come and be part of this cultural extravaganza!