NEW DELHI,01.07.17-As part of the ongoing Mango Festival, being organised by Delhi Tourism, Mango Eating Competition for Women was the main highlight of the day, wherein participants were given 3 kgs. of mangoes to consume within 3 minutes. It drew a large participation from women folks present at the festival and infused the crowd with thrill and excitement. In the competition Ms. Sushma won the first prize eating 1 kg & 136 gms mango pulp. The second prize was won by Ms. Chanda eating 1 kg & 126 gms. of mango pulp. The third prize was won by Ms. Sunita Biswas eating 1kg & 92 gms. of mango pulp. Cash prizes worth Rs. 3000/-, Rs. 2000/- and Rs. 1000/- were won by the winners respectively. 


Mango growers and horticulturists are exhibiting over 500 varieties of their best farm offerings during the 29th Mango festival. From traditional delicacies like Hussanara & Kesar to the exotic imports like Sensation & Toffee Mango, the festival is showcasing myriad varieties of mangoes. In order to provide an enriching experience to the visitors, Magic show by Dr. Sangeeta Kapoor was organised.


The visitors were caught by surprise and awe by seeing mangoes camouflaged as Banana, Guava, Watermelon and Papaya but still retaining the intrinsic taste of a mango. Apart from the unique and traditional varieties of mangoes on display, there is sale of fresh mangoes and mango based products like pickles, chutney, juice, jelly, aam-papad and jam.


An equally exciting day awaits the Delhites tomorrow with the Mango Eating Competition for Men, magic shows, mango quiz and prize distribution of the winners of various competitive categories. There is a cultural programme by Punjabi Academy on the concluding day.