Chandigarh,16.09.17-On this concluding day of the conference, the conference emphasis was on Osteoporosis and its implication in Orthopedic practices . We had enlightened session by Dr. Yash Gulati , Padma Shree ,  along  with Dr. Deepak Joshi, Dr. Sanjay Badala, Dr H.N.Nag  and score of other speakers. Faculty Lectures laid emphasis on Trauma Assessment on Geriatric patients. Session by Dr. Ramesh Krishna on "Ageing Gracefully" was attended by a full house and aptly reflected  the amount of work still  needed to be done on dissemination of information and factual diagnosis on geriatric population which are still hindered by no welfare schemes  by the government or the lack of  insurance for these ageing population.
The highlight of the concluding day were free paper session by upcoming orthopedics of the country. Their case studies and consequent diagnosis of the cases gave a new perspective  to future diagnosis of a patient.  Sessions were presented  by Dr. Mahesh Kumar Reddy, Dr. Rajiv Thukral,Dr. Sunil Patil ,Dr. Gaurav Sharma  and Dr. Ranju Raj.
    This conference also laid emphasis on orthopedic surgery and we were able to showcase some of the serious and severe complication and its remedial measures  in orthopedic surgeries to the audience. The session on TKR- is it a real soft tissue surgery by Dr. Vikas Mehra was one of them along with session on " Management of Arthoplasty surgery in Geriatric patients after trauma by Dr. Subrata Poddar. 
 Panel Discussion highlighted the present affair of the Orthopedic in the country  and was rightly concluded on the stress of having more such type of  gathering and knowledge sharing among the peers and with the general population. 
Here it is worthwhile to mention that on the 2nd day of this International Conference (15th September), the conference was graced by Sh. Brahm Mohindra Health & Family Welfare Minister, Punjab , who was introduced to the participating delegates from India and abroad by Dr.Vajai Goni, where delegates appreciated the role of Management of this Gosicon-2017, 5th International conference Geriatric Orthopaedic Society Of India fom 14th to 16th September,2017 at Chandigarh under the dynamic leadership of Dr.Vijai Goni.