Chandigarh,12.10.17-With a humanitarian mission towards Animals, KBDAV-7 joined hands with young volunteers from Rotract Himalayas, FIAPO and PETA India for “An Awareness Campaign for students to Promote Animal’s Rights and Veganism” on October 12, 2017.

 President Rotract Club, Ms. Priya Krishnan and the Campaign Coordinator Ms. Anant Kant conducted the one hour interactive session where students participated whole heartedly.

 The session began with a pledge taken by the students, staff and the organisers that said, “I promise to Respect, Treat and Take Care of Animals and shall come forward to speak for the ones who cannot speak.”

 With the help of PowerPoint Presentations, the team interacted with the students and made them aware about the Animal’s Rights, Pet Industry, Poultry Farming and Dairy Farming. The children were enthusiastic to “Go Vegan” and “Save Animals”.

Children were acquainted with the idea of Puppy Farms and the cruelty that takes place with the animals in meat and dairy industries.

Ria of Class VII says, I prefer to “Go Vegan” than to go to KFC.

Shia says, “Animals are little angels to be loved.”

 The day concluded with note, “Say No to Cruelty against Animals” and shower Love and Affection upon them.