Chandigarh,17.10.17-To win over the evils prevalent in our society, KBDAV-7 students came forward with a strong message to empower themselves. Diwali celebrations were kicked off in the premises of School on 17th October 2017 with a social message to ‘Say No to Child Abuse, Adopt Swadeshi Products over Chinese Products, Boycott the Bursting of Crackers’ to celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali.

The School premises was filled with a festive spirit. ‘Rajya-Abhishek’ of Lord Rama in Ayodhya marked the beginning of the Diwali celebrations which was indeed enthralling and captivating. The young learners from Class III to VII portrayed various characters from Epic Ramayana. Their enactment enthralled the audience and left them spellbound. Rajya-Abhishek was followed by a plethora of activities which contained a social message for the Students.

Displaying their creativity and innovation, Class IX students contributed in the Diwali Celebrations in a different manner by promoting ‘Healthy & Calorie Free Diwali’. Participants prepared variety of salads including Russian, Mexican Salad, Cucumber Boat Salad, Chatpati Chaat etc.

An Awareness Rally on the sad state of polluted rivers of India was taken by Class X. The rally was flagged off by the Principal Mrs. Pooja Prakash, Coordinators and the teachers who took an oath to celebrate an Eco-Friendly and Safe Diwali. The students went from class to class, propagating the inspirational messages in efficacious manner.

The celebrations concluded with a striking radiance on everybody’s face.