Chandigarh,14.11.17-Children day was celebrated today in PGI’s Nivedita Creche. Key feature of today’s celebrations was inauguration of a new wing of Nivedita Creche by PGI director, Dr Jagat Ram. Giving the roadmap of new wing of Nivedita Creche, Dr Bhavneet Bharti, Professor of Pediatrics and Chairperson Nivedita Creche stated that new wing of Nivedita Creche is customized to provide developmentally and cognitively optimum child care to the children of PGI staff. “Facilities provided in new wing will indeed stimulate both creative as well as scientific potential of children” also echoed PGI director, Dr Jagat Ram. Dr BNS Walia, ex-Director PGI also championed the role of positive environment in the holistic growth and development of children. One conspicuous feature of Nivedita Crèche is theme based participatory nurturing of children jointly by trained staff as well as parents where pre-school education, hands on play way activities, musical and singing routines, yoga sessions, dietary awareness strategies of having fixed fruit time for kids and programmed play are daily routines of all kids. Ms Punita Kansal  In- charge of the crèche said that  special attention has been laid on providing state of the art musical facilities including piano, key boards, traditional table, harmonium and dholki etc. in the new wing.   Importantly, an interactive board with large format display has also been installed to harness the creative potential of children through amazing audio-visual experiences. A niche corner with various scientific kits and tools is also being planned so that kids’ scientific temperament can be nurtured right from early childhood age. Prof BNS Walia  expressed his deep appreciation for the team work of Nivedita crèche where kids are not only provided parental care but are also holistically nurtured to make them realize their full potential. Highlighting further, Dr Bhavneet Bharti, also explained that a special space has been earmarked for mothers of infants and toddler for breast feeding as well as expression and storage of breast-milk for working mothers. Outdoor physical activities are also customized to enhance learning based physical activity such as counting, sense of direction, time and some basic principles of physics. Another conspicuous feature of children day celebration was emphasis on “Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan” where kids were given gifts reminding them of cleanliness drive being carried out in our country. Dr Bhavneet Bharti, also highlighted their dual strategy of childcare in Nivedita Creche where on one hand kids are rooted to their culture and traditions and on the other, kids are exposed to various scientific and technical activities so as to stimulate and optimize their scientific potential. Finally, function concluded with cultural activities carried out by children of Nivedita Creche.