Chandigarh,  November 17,  2017-In one of its initiatives to encourage manufacturing CSIR-CSIO today transferred technology of “Precision Iodine Value Analyzer”, an instrument for the measurement of degree of unsaturation (Iodine Value) in vegetable oils. Conventionally, Iodine value is determined using manual titration and few analytical instruments based on automated titration are also available in the market. However, these methods take longer analysis time, are costly and use toxic chemicals. Researchers, at CSIO have developed a rapid analysis technique, which takes just 3 minutes for analysis of Iodine Value. Also, the cost of analysis per sample has been reduced drastically.

The technology has been transferred to M/s Comfax Systems a Chandigarh based startup. The technology has applications in Oil extraction units, quality control and assurance labs, food regulatory authorities, soaps and cosmetics, bakeries, meat industry, paint industry, biodiesel analysis and charcoal industry.

The technology is also useful in determining adulteration in edible oils and fats. The technology has been developed by researchers Ms. Anupma Sharma, Mr. Saurav Kumar, Mr. Ritesh Kumar, Ms. Rishemjit Kaur, Mr. Shankho Turjo Sarkar, Ms. Monika Singla and Dr. Amol P Bhondekar.

Prof. R. K. Sinha, Director CSIR-CSIO said that the Precision Iodine Value Analyser will be useful for detecting adulteration in edible oils, therefore this technology will find application in the edible oil manufacturing and processing industry.