Chandigarh,19.11.17-In a statement released here, Mr. Khaira LoP chided the junior Badal for overstepping his jurisdiction in pure hatred to demand his resignation. Khaira advised the junior Badal to first discuss the issue of his resignation with his octogenarian father, who thinks mere summoning by a court of law is no indictment or offence for someone to step down. The LoP while releasing the video clip of Mr. Badal castigated Sukhbir Badal for indulging in gross double standards, besides ignoring his father’s advice.

Mr. Khaira LoP reminded the junior Badal, that while he has merely been summoned by a trial court, the junior Badal is facing trial in two heinous FIR’s u/s 307 in a Fraidkot Court, for allegedly beating up photographer Naresh Sehgal of Kotkapura. Khaira said it is also a matter of record, that the junior Badal is on bail and has been chargesheeted in the said cases.

Khaira further reminded the junior Badal that when his father took oath as Chief Minister in 2007, he had not only gone to jail, was also on bail besides being chargesheeted in a Prevention of Corruption and Disproportionate Assets case, then pending in a Mohali court. Khaira said despite such severe indictment if senior Badal could take oath as Chief Minister, how does the junior Badal justify his demand for my resignation on mere summoning?

Mr. Khaira LoP further stated, that Mr. Badal had not only defended Bibi Jagir Kaur who was chargesheeted in the infamous Harpreet murder case by the CBI, but also inducted the tainted leader in his cabinet in March 2012. Mr. Khaira reminded the junior Badal that Jathedar Tota Singh continued to be a Minister in the previous Badal government, despite being awarded 1 year imprisonment in a corruption case by the Mohali court. Khaira said both Bibi Jagir Kaur and Jathedar Tota Singh are now holding top organizational positions in SAD, as President Istri Akali Dal and Senior Vice President.

LoP Khaira said that the earthly Punjabi quote “ਨੋਂਸੋਂਚੂਹੇਖਾਕੇਬਿੱਲੀਹੱਜਨੂੰਚੱਲੀ” perfectly fits his corrupt character, as he has ‘looted’ the state during the last 10 years to amass ill gotten wealth and property. Last but not the least Khaira challenged the junior Badal to an open public debate on his own mouthpiece PTC channel, at any time and any day on the issue of ethics and morality in the politics. He said in case the junior Badal fails to accept his challenge, he should not utter a word on morality and ethics in politics, which he has flouted with impunity.