New Delhi, November 19 : The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) has strongly  opposed renaming of Dyal Singh College of the city as Vande Matram Vidyaleya and said that any move to rename it will be opposed tooth and nail and it will also resort to protests on roads.

        Meeting convened by General Secretary Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa passed a resolution condemning the act of the Governing body of the Dyal Singh College and asked the body to withdraw their disputed proposal immediatel otherwise DSGMC  shall be forced to hold protests and take other necessary action to stop this process.

Briefing media after the meeting Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa and Mr. Tarlochan Singh Former Chairman National Minority Commission said that Dyal Singh Education Trust Society had purchased the land to run this college and did not get any help from the government. They said that he was a visionary leader who established many schools and colleges besides launching The Tribune newspaper, Punjab  National Bank and host of other institutes  and spent all the expenses from his own.  They said that governing body of the trust is running this college and conspired to usurp its land and property by treacherously renaming the colleges as Vande Matram Vidyaleya.  They said that they are welcome to open Vande Matram Vidyala but not on this property. He said that governing body has hatched a conspiracy under which evening shift college was named as a separate entity of morning shift. They said that Governing body not only took an illegal decision as it had no power to rename it but also has taken other controversial decisions. They said that this governing body is constituted by Vice Chancellor of Delhi University and this proposal has also raised about choice of its members.

        Mr Sirsa and Tarlochan Singh said that we are giving three day ultimatum to the Governing body to review its proposal and take it back otherwise we will be forced to take to streets this issue. They said that  it was shameful that persons involved in the act had tried to use the name of national song for their vested interests which was highly condemnable.

        Mr. Sirsa and Tarlochan Singh  said that we cannot be so selfish that we try to erase to name of the person who singlehandedly with his own resources contributed for nation building. They said that this proposal of renaming has also hurt sentiments of people world over and he was getting calls to handle the issue and ensure that its is no renamed and he was committed to  ensure this.