Chandigarh,21.11.17-Dr. Neerja Bharti, professor in the department of Anaesthesia and critical care, PGIMER, Chandigarh has been awarded as one of the finalist for the “BMJ award South Asia 2017” in the category of “Non-communicable diseases initiative of the year” for her contribution in the field of oral cancer pain management. More than 2000 doctors from eight South Asian Countries have been participated for this award, organized by the British Medical Association in New Delhi.

India has the highest number of oral cancer cases in the world. Over 25-30% of total cancer patients suffer from oral cancer. It is the most common cancer in men & 3rd most common cancer in women in India. It is also a leading cause of death in men between 30-70 years of age. The main cause of oral cancer is consumption of tobacco especially in the form of ‘Gutkha’. The incidence of oral cancer in patients having smocking and tobacco chewing habits is 8.4 times higher than others. Patients suffering from oropharyngeal cancer usually complained of severe pain in their throat radiating to the ear and neck. The pain increases on chewing and swallowing leading to poor nutrition and weight loss. Consumption of oral medication is also painful. Pulsed radiofrequency ablation is a newer modality; its role in cancer pain management is yet to be established. It is a short and safe procedure performed under fluoroscopy. We found that pulsed radiofrequency ablation can be used safely for the treatment of severe oral cancer pain. Patients had effective pain relief with improvement in their quality of life.