Chandigarh,23.11`.17-An academic extravaganza entitled ‘Endo Update 2017’is being organized at PGIMER, Chandigarh by the Department of Endocrinology. Theme of the event is ‘Gonads’. Highlights of the two day long meet (24-25th Nov.2017) includes polycystic ovarian syndrome characterized by weight gain , increased hair growth, menstrual disturbance; Turner’s  syndrome which is genetic cause of short stature and gonadal failure with systemic associations; early development of secondary sex characters <8 years i.e. precocious puberty versus no development till  >14 years i.e. delayed puberty ;disorders of sexual differentiation, in which it is difficult to differentiate male and female body morphology. Eminent national and international faculty will brainstorm over these topics laying emphasis on the fact that these disorders if recognized and referred   early to endocrinologists can be treated favorably. More than 250 delegates are expected to attend the event.