GOA,01.12.17-Uttar Pradesh has a various cultural and pleasant locations in addition to its historical heritages. This heritage attracts filmmakers to come to Uttar Pradesh repeatedly and the film bandhu helps them a lot. This time film bandhu had made its special presence in Film Bazzar organized by NFDC which was held in International Film Festival of India, Goa. Significantly, in the film festival the film makers across the world come, including filmmakers, directors, writers, film technicians, film journalists and other types of people who are differently related to film genres. Not only they get information’s regarding film productions but also get to explore many possibilities. The film Bandhu was everyone’s centre of charm at Goa Film Festival.

 During the knowledge sharing in Asia’s largest film market, Film Festival of India, Goa, the president and chief editor of the Film Bandhu, Avinash Kumar Awasthi had quoted that in March the film Bandhu will organize a film market in Lucknow, with plans to build film city in Varanasi. In additions to this, the information director and secretary of FIlm Bandhu, Anuj Kumar Jha Quoted they are going to work on single window system soon. The Film Bandhu will be allowed to shoot anywhere in the state as well as will provide all the information online.

 For the first time, the Film Bandhu had attended the International Film Festival of India , about one thousand people of the NDFC Film Bazaar reached Film Bandhu's office in the film market, understood film policies from Joint Secretary of Film Bandhu, U.P. Dinesh Sehgal. Dinesh Sehgal quoted that they had not only put the information on their website but they have provided facilities to apply for subsidiary through online portal. This application is to be given before the shooting, in relation to the details given on the website of the film Bandhu. Dinesh Sehgal thanked all the people who attended the film market and visited the film Bandhu’s office and also thanked for the cooperation of NFDC. during the Goa film festival, the famous film maker Boney Kapoor had praised Yogi Government’s Film Bandhu and said Uttar Pradesh is his 2nd home. According to Vishal Bhardhwaj, Film Bandhu has opened door for the all film makers across the world. The director of Umrao Jaan, Mujjafar Alisaid that those tehajibs of U.P., infuses life in the movies and the Film Bandhu encourages them.

Not only country’s film makers but also foreign film makers had showed interest in the Goa’s film festival. The film director of Canada Mahi expressed an apex of shooting in Varanasi while the Australian film producer Ana Tiwari also expressed excitement about shooting in Uttar Pradesh. The policies of Uttar Pradesh are like the paradise for the film makers. The 

Filmmaker Dhiraj Mishra had also reached the Goa film market, his film Jai Jawan Jai Kisan got a grant from the film Bandhu. He is also shooting his third film Gaalib in Uttar Pradesh itself and according to him, the grant of Film Bandhu for small filmmakers it works as a boon.