Chandigarh, Dec 16—The Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, has stressed the need for strengthening the feeling of ownership and belonginness of all citizens in efforts to hasten progress, development  and growth in the State. “We are open to any good suggestions in this regard and, if given, these would be considered in public interest”, he added

   Speaking at an interactive session on the second day of the three-day Chintan Shivir being organized at Timber Trail in Parwanoo today, the Chief Minister said every person in the society must be honest. It is to instil honesty in the people that the state government has adopted zero tolerance policy against corruption. 

      Mr Manohar Lal said the work done by the present state government during its three-year tenure exceeded the work done during the ten-year regime of the previous government. Haryana has so far received 46 awards from the Central Government and other organizations in recognition of its outstanding performance in different fields. 

          Since the formation of BJP Government in the state, a series of works have been undertaken which were never undertaken by any government in the state. Special emphasis has been laid on providing maximum employment opportunities to the youth by ensuring skill development and attracting investment to the state.

          Haryana which held 14th position in terms of ease of doing business in now competing for number one position. Besides transparent online teachers transfer policy, merit- based government jobs, making the state kerosene-free and Beti Bachao–Beti Padhao Programmes are among the major initiatives taken by the present government, he added. 

          While underlining the significance of culture and tradition, the Chief Minister said that any society or nation which did not have rich cultural heritage, could not make progress.

            Referring to the Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao Programme, he said even the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra, had praised the state government for effective implementation of this ambitious programme, saying that Haryana  could inspire other states of the country. The state government has set a target for itself to make Haryana free from anaemia in the next three years.

             Earlier, speaking on this occasion, Chairman, Haryana Governance Reforms Authority (HGRA), Prof. Parmod Kumar, complimented the efforts of the state government in organizing the Chintan Shivir and said it provided an opportunity to officers and ministers to give their vibrant suggestions fearlessly.

    He described the teachers transfer policy of the state government as a path-breaking initiative and hailed other significant steps, including decentralization of power at different levels, single-window system of the Industry Department and Chief Minister (CM) Window.
Earlier, speaking on this occasion, Chairman, Haryana Governance Reforms Authority (HGRA) Prof. Parmod Kumar complemented the efforts of the State Government in organizing the Chintan Shivar and said that it provided an opportunity to the officers and Ministers to given their vibrant suggestions fearlessly. He described the teachers transfer policy of the State Government as path breaking initiative and also hailed other significant steps including decentralization of power at different 
levels, single window system of the industry department and  Chief Minister (CM) Window. He stressed the need of ensuring effective implementation of Right to Services Act. 

        Editor-in-Chief, The Tribune Mr Harish Khare  said that good governance is part of good politics and it is for the first time that the Chief Minister Office (CMO) has decentralized its power. He said that the government should evolve an efficient and effective system of providing basic facilities to the people. 

        Lieutenant Commander Sandhya Chauhan who belongs to Rewari and had shot into fame because of having lead the Naval Contingent during Republic Day Parade, 2015 appreciated the State Government’s decision of having government college for girls in every 20 kilometres. She said that  Haryana is moving on a right track and the people are appreciating the initiative of the    State Government of organazing a chintan shivar where the policy makers and politicians together are deliberating on several important issues. She said that during the last few years Haryana has made rapid strides in development. The people of the State have a major contribution in the development of the country. Though the State constitutes only two per cent of the total population of the country, yet its contribution in the armed forces is 11 per cent, she added.