Chandigarh,17.12.17-Shri. Kamaljit Singh Panchhi President and Shri. L.C Arora Gen. Secy. Of Chandigarh Traders Association Sector 17 has given suggestions on Traffic Control through a letter to Advisor to the Administrator Chandigarh with a copy to Chief Architect Chandigarh as below:


We, the Traders of Chandigarh, understand difficulties of Chandigarh Police to control the ongoing Traffic in Chandigarh.  Frankly speaking we forget to feel that in Chandigarh there is load of Traffic of Tricity where commuters visit daily on their duties.  There is dire need to control traffic at peak hours in the morning as well as in the evening.

The vehicular rush can’t be controlled by restricting the inflow of vehicles by levying unreasonable, unjustified  and unaffordable heavy levy and there are others factors and way-out which should be adopted by Chandigarh Administration for easing the Traffic which are mentioned as under:

  1. There is need to start Bus Services on outer ring road/bypass of Tricity which will indeed reduce the traffic in internal roads.
  2. The Administration should, rethinks to revive the METRO PROJECT IN TRICITY which, we feel is dire need to control and decongest the traffic on all internal and external roads.
  3. Such propositions may lead to revenue loss to Chandigarh Administration as people may opt to buy vehicles from neighbouring States.
  4. The Administration may encourage public to use Cycles or Electronic Autos which may be remedy to control the Traffic.
  5. There is way to introduce Community parking, besides sharing transportation for going to the respective offices and business places.
  6. To promote and guide public Traffic Culture by giving guidelines to commuters.  The police should avoid challenging and must guide the public to adopt traffic rules.
  7. In Government Offices, every senior officer is provided individual vehicle and if such system is converted to sharing amongst the officials, that may solve the problem to some extent.  Such practice can be followed by other Staff members also.
  8. For new buildings/revised plans STILT PARKING may be enforced by law by allowing raising building heights on the pattern of Delhi, Panchkula etc.

We have experienced that every difficulties is taken as sorted out by putting financial pressure on public, which we feel is not the remedy and other factors are to be considered to overcome local problems in the City.