Chandigarh,January 6 : No. 1 Chandigarh Air Sqn NCC carried out a special weapon display and training for the cadets at the ongoing 10-day Combined Annual Training Camp at Air Force Station Chandigarh on Jan6.

            A total of 108 Airwing NCC cadets (both boys and girls) from five institutions of the city beautiful are taking part in the camp, which began on January2 at Air Force Station Chandigarh under the guidance of NCC Group Headquarter Chandigarh.

            According to a press release from Wing Commander M R Pandeya, CO Air NCC Chandigarh, the Ground Training  andweapon instructors of the unit trained all the cadets on .22 Rifle and 12 Bore Gun shooting. Cadets were demonstrated the correct handling, operations, safety precautions to be adopted and maintenance of the weapons. Also the cadets were told about the history of weapons from primitive age to renaissance, it added.

            Wing Commander HS Pannu Deputy Commandant addressed the cadets about the motto of the weapon training, its implementation to counter insurgency and self protection. He maintained that the training on weapon is an important facet of NCC training.