Mumbai-8th January 2018 : The movie of the valley “Kashmir Daily –Story of the Journalist” is based on the drugs abuses and unemployment had its special screening at suburban multiplex. This is the first ever movie to be releasing outside J&K, which  has all the cast and crew of Kashmir and the film is shot and edited in Kashmir itself. The screening was attended by directed, producer, writer Hussein Khan, Actor Mir Sarwar, Veteran Theatre actor K K Raina, Late Om Puri’s wife Nandita Puri with her son Ishan Puri, Lateef Binny, Director Aijaz Khan, Shameem Ahmed, Mohomed Ali Shah  and director Rahat Kazami.

The film high-lightens the social issue of Kashmir. Kashmir Daily is starring Mir Sarwar, Neelam Singh, Sanam Ziya, Rajinder Tickoo, Hussein Khan and Zameer Ashai.

Mir Sarwar said “ whole crew is very excited with the release of the movie as it’s the first ever independent movie of Kashmir releasing outside J & K. He said mostly the people in Kashmir depends on Doordarshan, and very few shows their interest in the filmmaking due to the aslack and non functioning of cinema hall. But he believed that they have the potential to make good and inspiring movies and they should come forward. . He wants to pave paths for the coming filmmakers of Kashmir to flourish the Kashmir Film Industry.”