Sahayta Bal Cancer Sahyog salutes the spirit of the brave young cancer patients and celebrated the International Childhood Cancer Day today in the Advanced Pediatric Centre, PGI . The event celebrated  the resilience and the positivity displayed by the children suffering from cancer . The event was marked by a workshop conducted by Ms Aman Patwalia with a photo booth and lohri festivities. The children sang and danced and Sahyata volunteers were seen making the day special for the kids . The gifts for the event were sponsored by inner wheel club of Chandigarh . Doctors from APC interacted with the kids and fun and frolic was the motto for the day . The message was loud and clear and it was that “we are up together in our fight against cancer “. 


Incredibly Courageous Parents Satish Kumar & Kanta Devi Honour Their Son Paramjeet ’s ‘Spirit of Giving’

Consent for Organ Donation that Impacts Five Lives at PGIMER

Paramjeet Singh, all of 25, from district Una, Himachal Pradesh, had a smile that was contagious and a heart that was of pure gold. A motor mechanic by profession, he was better known as the one who ‘repaired hearts alongwith repairing motors’ because of his benevolent spirit and giving nature.

 “My son  was a very caring and compassionate person. So caring he was that he never worried about what he would receive, rather always thought whose life he could make happier. He used to donate clothes, provide food to the needy and give regular donations for the poor patients. May be Almighty also needed this ‘noble soul’ ”, said Satish Kumar, shell-shocked but brave-heart father of departed Paramjeet, while the mortal remains of his young son were being handed over to him  at the mortuary of PGIMER here today.

 It was on the fateful day of 9th January when Paramjeet while on his bike met with a fatal collision with a tractor trolley in Una. On receiving  the tragic news, the family rushed to the site and took him to local civil hospital without losing any time, from where he was brought to PGIMER on the same day itself.

However, God’s will can not be questioned and all the efforts to save Paramjeet proved futile as he finally succumbed to his injuries. Going by the prognosis, the doctors attending to him at PGIMER  said that they met twice to decide about the case as per the protocols of THOA and at night on 11th January, Paramjeet was declared brain dead.

 “Everything came crashing down,” recalls grief stricken Satish Kumar. “Then the transplant coordinators at PGIMER talked to us about organ donation. The idea of having a chance to save someone else’s life made sense to us—even though we didn’t have the heart to take Paramjeet off life support.”

“Then we asked ourselves what Paramjeet would have wished. My son  definitely would have wanted someone to have more time to spend with his loved ones. We felt as if Paramjeet is saying us to ‘go ahead ‘ with the decision and this very feeling made us consent for his organ donation. “ shared the heart broken father.  

 After the family’s incredible courage for consent for donation of all the organs, the doctors harvested the liver, kidneys and corneas of the donor Paramjeet, which on transplantation, gave second lease of life to three patients suffering from end stage organ failures who had slim chances of survival. The cornea transplantation will restore the sight of two more patients, thereby impacting five lives in all in PGIMER. 

“It was very painful to let Paramjeet  go. Which mother will have this courage ! But someone got a chance to live because of my son. In his life, he had cared for so many people. Even in his death, he has done the same what he lived for. This last gift he made is an everlasting testament to his character,” said the mother Kanta Devi with moist eyes. .  

  Prof. Jagat Ram, Director, PGIMER , while recounting the donation, stated, “Through their benevolent gesture, the family of Paramjeet  has conveyed a very strong message in humanity. Any words will fall short to explain their generosity.  But at the same time, the  role of entire hospital team involved right from maintenance of the donor, brain death declaration to retrieval and transplantation is extremely critical as it is their tireless efforts coupled with commendable competence that translate the ‘noble wish of the donor family’ into actually ‘giving life to someone’. “Making this second chance at life to actually happen is the real tribute by PGIMER team to the incredible courage of the donor family, ” added Prof. Jagat Ram.   

 Sharing his thoughts, Prof. A.K.Gupta, Medical Superintendent cum Head, Deptt. of Hospital Administration, PGIMER stated, “There is a wide chasm between the increasing demand of organs for people at end stages and the paucity of the same. Adding to the complexity is the lack of awareness. It is only by driving a systemic change in the perceptions and the behaviour surrounding organ donation, we can clear the myths and misconceptions that shroud this topic and increase the number of registered organ donors in India. At PGIMER, we will continue to contribute as much as we can by educating people and saving more and more lives.

 Dr. Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER highlighted, “With ROTTO under the aegis of NOTP in place here at PGIMER ; NGOs working towards increasing awareness about organ donation; several changes brought about by The Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Rules 2014, the process of organ donation has picked up momentum. But this is only a beginning.  A huge potential is still untapped. We hope that the sacrifice of the families like that of Paramjeet motivates each one of us to contribute towards the cause and pledge for organ donation.”