Fire averted at PU
A major fire  at Girls Hostel No.3 was averted today by prompt and swift action by UT Fire Brigade.At around
2:30 pm smoke and flames   from a closed  room  of  second floor was noticed by the  students residing in the
Girls Hostel No.3.
They alerted the Hostel Warden, she informed the Police and the Fire Brigade for relief. DSW women Prof
Neena Capalash, DSW Prof Emmanuel Nahar,CUS Prof Ashwani Kaul and Security staff reached the site by
3PM, followed by the Vice Chancellor Prof  Arun Grover,Registrar Col G S Chadha, Senator Prof Ronki Ram
,former DSW Prof Alhuwalia and Prof Sidhu .
By that time the Fire Water Bowzers had reached and swung into action.The fire was restricted to only one
room and was  totally controlled by 3:20 PM.There was no physical injury to any individual.Police is yet to
submit it's findings and report. Arrangements have been made for stay of the girls, whose rooms have been
affected by the smoke ,at Guest House of the Universitiy.