Dr. Mahesh Prakash working as Professor in the department of Radiodiagnosis, PGIMER, Chandigarh has been awarded prestigious Dr. M.L.Aggarwal oration by Indian Radiological &Imaging Association(IRIA)  at the 71st Annual conference of IRIA & AOCR meeting  held in Mumbai  in appreciation of his contribution to radiological and imaging sciences. He delivered oration on the topic of role of MRI in infectious arthritis where he stressed how MRI can help in early diagnosis of these joint pathologies for proper management to avoid joint dysfunction. Currently he is national president of musculoskeletal society (MSS) of India. He has been the recipients of various national and international awards for presenting research related with diagnosis of musculoskeletal system in previous years. 

PGIMER’s Another Feat in Transplant Surgery

 Conducts its First Ever Simultaneous Liver Kidney Transplant 

 Donor Family’s Incredible Decision Saves Three Lives including One in Delhi through Sharing of Heart & Two in PGIMER

 CHANDIGARH: 4 Feb : Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, (PGIMER) Chandigarh accomplished another major feat in the complicated transplant surgery by successfully performing its first ever simultaneous liver & kidney  transplant in a terminally ill patient suffering from end stage liver and renal failure.

 Lauding his team for achieving this major milestone, Prof.Jagat Ram, Director, PGIMER Chandigarh stated, ““The team PGIMER has done it again. This time it is the simultaneous liver and kidney transplant surgery in a single recipient, one of the most complex and demanding organ transplantations. Even the recipient too had to be selected very carefully for these procedures. In fact, it is the combination of highly experienced transplant specialists, world-class infrastructure and professional support team at PGIMER, that made the efforts culminate into success. Each and every member of the team involved in the process deserves appreciation for their proactive demeanour and synergized efforts.”

 “So far, the institute has been successfully conducting heart, kidney, pancreas, liver and cornea transplants. With today’s commendable initiative, PGIMER has forayed into simultaneous liver and kidney transplant which will, further, contribute to saving of more precious lives,” added Prof. Jagat Ram. 

 A team of more than 12 doctors with residents, transplant coordinators, technical and nursing staff conducted this complex operation in over 10 hours. The simultaneous liver and kidney transplant was conducted on a 40 year old male recipient here in PGIMER. 

 The accomplishment was made possible because of the generous and exemplary gesture of the brave heart donor family of a young girl from Bihar, who was declared brain dead by the Brain Death Certification Committee on 2nd February.

 Earlier, the donor was rushed to PGIMER in an extremely critical condition on 25th January after she was referred here from a local hospital near Ludhiana where she was taken after sustaining grievous head injury in a road side accident on the evening of 24th January.   

 The family showcased unprecedented courage and consented for organ donation when the matter was discussed with them. Following their consent, the heart, liver and  kidneys were retrieved from the donor for transplantation on the matching recipients.

 As there was no matching recipient for heart here in PGIMER, Regional Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization (ROTTO)  PGIMER approached National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) in Delhi and accordingly with NOTTO’s intervention,  retrieved heart of the donor was allocated to a Delhi hospital  for the matching recipient and was sent from PGIMER at 10.05 am yesterday through a green corridor for International Airport, from where it was airlifted for its destination in  a chartered flight.

 Following this, the liver and kidneys retrieved from the donor, through transplantation of simultaneous liver and kidney in one recipient and another kidney in second recipient, enabled fresh lease of life to two patients battling for survival here in PGIMER. 

 Prof. Anil K Gupta, MS & HoD, Deptt. Of Hospital Administration, PGIMER paying his tribute to the donor, stated, “Words cannot describe the self-less gesture of the donor family. Due to the incredible decision taken in their darkest hour, the donor family has given a new lease of life to three terminally ill patients with the transplantation of heart, liver and kidneys. We are overwhelmed by “their spirit of giving.”

 Detailing about the cadaver organ donation, Dr.Vipin Koushal, Nodal officer, ROTTO PGIMER, shared, “Time being the crunch factor, a synergized and well coordinated effort by PGIMER made sure that the sentiments of the family are honoured. With NOTTO’s proactive intervention, the heart was  airlifted as soon as this was  retrieved. Green corridor was created from PGIMER to International Airport with active cooperation and liasoning of Deptt. of Hospital administration, PGI security, UT Administration and Police. We duly acknowledge their contribution and promt action in this noble cause.”