New Delhi, February 4 : The Delhi MLA  Mr.Manjinder Singh Sirsa has accused the Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to playing dirty politics over the murder case of Ankit  Saxena and not  doing anything to help the distressed family.

 It is worth mentioning here that Ankit Saxena has become a victim of honour killing in the capital and girl's family has murdered him in broad day light.

Mr Sirsa in a letter written to Mr. Kejriwal has said that it was very painful that he (Kejriwal) chose to remain salient on this sensitive issue. Had any of the particular community boy been got killed, his whole cabinet would have reached the spot immediately and announced compensation of Rs. 1 crore or above like  NDMC officer MM Khan and NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed.  He claimed that no representative from APP led Delhi Government has approached the victim family even to console them on this tragedy. He advised Mr. Kejriwal that head of the state should be secular not communal. He also lamented that even after being pressurized by his party MLAs to visit the family of the victim Mr.  Kejriwal has decided not to dilute his communal stand and instead asked newly elected  Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh to visit the family.

He also urged him that being the area MLA, he was requesting him to immediately grant Rs. 1 crore compensation or above to Ankit’s family. It is pertinent to mention here that NDMC officer MM Khan and NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed were holding good positions and after death, their families got Rs. 1 crore compensation, gratuity, other perks & PENSION ALSO. This poor family lost everything- only child and solely source of income. He also urged that he should be allowed to donate Rs. 10 lac as compensation to the victim’s family from my MLA-LAD fuMr. Sirsa also expressed deep anguish over the fact that a large number of people were present on the spot when the alleged murder was committed but no one came forward to help the victim and instead people preferred to make video of the incident.

 He also urged the Delhi Police that security be provided to the two important witnesses who have come forward to narrate the whole incident. He said that  testimony of these two was of a great importance to get justice for the victim and his family and Delhi police should immediately provide security to them.