PGGCG-11: Big leap towards Skill Development and Library automation

Chandigarh, 6th February 2018: Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector-11, Chandigarh, took a big leap forward and various projects and initiatives under RUSA Infrastructure Grant were inaugurated today. 

Sh. B.L. Sharma, IAS, Education Secretary, Chandigarh Administration was the Chief Guest on the occasion, Mr.Rakesh Kumar Popli, PCS, Director Higher Education, Chandigarh Administration was the Guest of Honour and Dr Dalip Kumar, Additional State Project Director, RUSA was also present in the inauguration function.

It is noteworthy that the college was selected for Rs.2.00 Crore under RUSA Infrastructure Grant on the basis of its excellent NAAC ranking with 3.52CGPA. Out of the various benchmarking activities undertaken by the college to strengthen and upscale its infrastructure at international standard, three majorprojects were inaugurated by Mr B.L.Sharma today.

Skill Development Lab: College has taken lead amongst all the Chandigarh Colleges to establish a fully equipped state of the art Skill Development Lab as per the mandate of Skill India initiatives of Government of India. The college will be offering various Skill Oriented Courses such as, Web Designing, Web Marketing, Office Management, Events Management, English Language courses (IELTS) etc. to enable the students to develop skills and train them for jobs. Inaugurating the Lab, Mr. Sharma emphasised that such job-oriented courses are the need of the hour and tapping and shaping of talent and potential of the students will definitely facilitate all round development of the nation.

RFID System in Library: PGGCG-11 is the only college in the region which has installed RFID system in Library for complete computerisation and automation. This will be a leap towards digitisation. All the activities of the Library are now automated, from issue and receipt of books to inventory management and cataloguing, etc. Self-issue and receipt Kiosk is also installed for the convenience of the students and faculty. 

Water Boosting Arrangement: College has three hostels with a capacity of 600 hostel resident students. To ensure sufficient potable water and also for daily needs of the resident students, existing water arrangements have been augmented with 50000 Lts. of water supply through water boosting arrangement (tanks, water pumps, pipeline, etc.) for hostel resident students.

Congratulating the Principal Prof. Anita Kaushal for her admirable and visionary approach, Mr. Sharma, the Education Secretary remarked that the college has set a benchmark in the use of digital technology, and other institutions should try to follow the student-friendly projects undertaken by PGGCG-11.



Chandigarh, 6th February 2018: It is for the information to the general public/residents of Chandigarh that online appointment system will run in the main office of Registering & Licensing Authority, Sector-17, Chandigarh from 8th Feb, 2018 for submission of the files/documents for different services of registration of vehicles and issuance of driving license.

The applicant can get online appointment by login to the official website i.e. or through Chandigarh Helpline Number (1860-180-2067) or at the main R&LA office, Sector-17, Chandigarh. Further, the facility of maximum 50 tokens each in both Driving License and Registration Branch will be provided to the applicants on first-cum-first serve basis who will visit the R&LA office manually without appointment.    



Chandigarh, 6th February 2018: It is for the information to the general public/residents of Chandigarh that the registration for participating in e-auction of vehicle registration numbers of new series "CH01-BR" for special registration numbers only (list enclosed) will start from 13.02.2018 (10:00 AM) and will continue till19.02.2018 (05:00 PM) and the e-auction will start on 20.02.2018 (10:00 AM) and will continue till22.02.2018 (05:00PM).

 The owner of the vehicle can register himself/herself on the National Transport website: and the link of the same is available on the Chandigarh Administration, Transport Department website: and obtain the Unique Acknowledgement Number (UAN). The owner of the vehicle who has purchased the vehicle at Chandigarh address only will be allowed to participate in e-auction. Sale Letter i.e Form No. 21, UID i.e. Aadhaar Card and address proof of Chandigarh are mandatory to participate in the e-auction. After getting himself/herself registered on the above cited National Transport website or/through Chandigarh Administration, Transport Department website, the owner of the vehicle will deposit the fee for registration for participating in e-auction and reserve amount of the special/choice registration numbers in the O/o Registering & Licensing Authority, Near Municipal Corporation Building Sector-17, U.T., Chandigarh by way of DD in favour of “Registering & Licensing Authority, U.T., Chandigarh” payable at Chandigarh.

 The detail of fee for registration for participating in e-auction, the list of reserve price for each special number, procedure of online auction and terms & Conditions for e-auction is available on Chandigarh Administration, Transport Department website: . For any further information and query please contact at 0172-2700341 or Inquiry Counter located at O/o Registering & Licensing Authority, Chandigarh (U.T.).     

        The reserve price for Non-Transport Vehicles which has been fixed by the Chandigarh Administration against each special number is as follow:




Registration Marks/numbers

Minimum reserve price



Rs. 50,000/- (Rs. Fifty Thousand)


a) 0002 to 0011 

b) 0022, 0033, 0044, 0055, 0066 

c) 0077, 0088, 0099, 0100, 0101

Rs. 30,000/- (Rs. Thirty Thousand)


a) 0012 to 0021

b) 0023 to 0032

c) 0034 to 0043

d) 0045 to 0054

e) 0056 to 0065

f) 0067 to 0076

g) 0078 to 0087

h) 0089 to 0098

i) 0111,0222,0333,0444,0555,0666, 0777,0888,0999


k) 0200,0300,0400,0500,0600, 0700,0800,0900


Rs. 20,000/- (Rs. Twenty Thousand)


a) 0110,0121,0123,0151

b) 0202,0212,0234

c) 0303,0313,0323,0330,0345

d) 0404,0414,0440,0456

e) 0505,0515, 0525,0550,0567,0575

f) 0606,0616,0660,0678

g) 0707,0717,0770,0786, 0789

h) 0808,0818,0880

i) 0909,0919,0990

j) 1010,1011,1112,1212,1234,1313, 1414,1515,1616, 1717,1818,1919

k)2020,2021,2121,2323,2345,2424,2525,2626, 2727,2828,2929

l) 3030,3031,3131,3232,3434,3456,3535,3636, 3737,3838,3939

m) 4040,4041,4141,4242,4343,4545,4567,4646 4747,4848,4949

n) 5050,5051,5151,5252,5353,5454,5656,5678, 5757,5858,5959

o) 6060,6061,6161,6262,6363,6464,6565,6767, 6789,6868,6969

p) 7070,7071,7171,7272,7373,7474,7575,7676, 7878,7890, 7979

q) 8080,8081,8181,8282,8383,8484,8585,8686, 8787,8989

r) 9090,9091,9191,9292,9393,9494,9595,9696, 9797,9898