Chandigarh, February 8: Today as part of a “Thanks Giving Week’ promoted by an NGO-Yuvsatta, Youth for Peace Club students of Carmel Convent School went to Chandigarh Police Headquarters and presented roses and ‘Thank U’ greeting cards to the police personnel’s posted there, especially those manning the control room.

Such initiatives “allows the community and the law enforcement agencies the opportunity to come together and show support to the many men and women who keep our families and communities safe,” shared Sister Mary Supreeta the School Principal.

‘I think this is a great opportunity for young students & we the teachers to thank our Chandigarh Police officers, who made our daily life and community safe’ added Preeti Swami the Youth for Peace Club teacher in charge of the School.

‘This is about the thousands of officers who never make headlines. This about the officers keeping our streets safe every shift’ expressed Pramod Sharma, the coordinator of Yuvsatta.