Chandigarh, February 12, 2018-Imagine he first faltering steps of a small child. How parents help the little one who first learns to walk by holding the child’s hands and providing just enough support so that his leg muscles train and develop strength that enables the child to stand up walk and eventually run. At times due to accidents, war causalities or paralysis due to strokes even grownups are rendered in a helpless condition that they are unable to walk and the muscles have to be retrained and given precise training and exercise to develop. The new machine developed by CSIR-CSIO does it by providing support in times of need.

The technical name for this machine is Portable Harness Ambulatory System and it aids in physical exercises and rehabilitation therapy to patients prescribed for their gait improvement. It supports patient by using a body harness and patient is lifted partially against gravity. The amount of support provided is dependent on the musculoskeletal strength and stability of the patient. Suspension system functions by offsetting a percentage of body mass while providing balance Support Gait rehabilitation therapy/training using Portable Harness Ambulatory System (PHAS) are more effective and efficient. The advantages of this system are :

  • Early gait rehabilitation
  • Less exhaustion hence more therapy time
  • Better gait alignment
  • More repetitive practice
  • Patient is more free to do movement experiments
  • Elimination/minimization of fall and fear of fall

CSIO has transferred this technology to M/s Oceanic Fitness Private Limited, Mohali. The ToT agreement was signed by Shri Inderpal Singh, Director, Oceanic Fitness Private Limited, in the presence of Prof. R. K. Sinha, Director CSIR-CSIO. This company has already successfully commercialized the technology of postural stability system taken from CSIO in the recent past.