Jaipur,14th February, 2018:The only University in India with a ‘Swiss Dual’ education system, Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU), Jaipur today announced MoU with India’s first 3D Printer developer and a startup company Aha3D Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Under this partnership, Aha3D Innovations is setting up 3D Printing Lab and going to train the BSDU’s students on making of 3D Printers, in its first phase. In the second phase, the MoU envisages utilization of the strength of students to manufacture the 3D Printers of various models for Indian market. In the third phase, one R&D Center on 3D printing will be set-up for the students at the BSDU Campus.

 Mr. Jayant Joshi, President Trustee of BSDU says, “The Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) works on a unique concept of building dual system of skills education (Swiss Dual System) where major focus remains on practical industrial training along with theory. The objective of bringing in the dual system of education is to make students ‘job ready’ unlike the conventional education system. While we are committed in our vision and mission of skill development, MoUs with industrial partners will strengthen such contribution of BSDU to the Skill India Initiative.”

 Mr. Akash, Founder of Aha3D Innovations says, “Currently the 3D printing market is very small comparing the full potential of $12 trillion manufacturing sector globally. As per the industry intelligence, the 3D printing and prototyping technology is the next big thing and it is going to disrupt the conventional market in a big way. As per a market intelligence solution firm, 6Wresearch; Indian 3D Prototyping & Materials market is projected to reach over $62 Million by 2022. Our endeavor in nurturing talent at BSDU will be utilised to serve the upcoming market demand of 3D printing nationally and globally.”

 Dr. SS Pabla, President of BSDU says, “At BSDU, we provide best of the training with a concept of ‘one student on one machine’. Depending on industrial requirements, we create talent pool of students under our Bachelor of Vocational programme. This emphasizes on offering a curriculum that is flexible and not stringent like the way in the conventional education system. Every trainee is offered a chance to continue the programme once they have enrolled; without having the fear of losing the number of years of and even continuing their industrial projects or jobs in case they receive an offer.”

The application of 3D Printing is in high demand in the industries like manufacturing, construction, IT, education, arts, automotive, fashion and consumer electronics. With this MoU, BSDU and Aha3D Innovations have also envisaged to build country’s largest 3D printer, of build volume 2.5 X 2.5 X 2.5 m at the campus by the students.

About BSDU:

The Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) is the first unique skill development university in India that was established in 2016 with a vision to create global excellence in skill development by creating opportunities, space and scope for the development of talent of Indian youth and by making them globally employable under the leadership and thought process of Dr. Rajendra Joshi and his wife Mrs. Ursula Joshi from Switzerland on the lines of ‘Swiss-Dual-System’ of on the job training and education.

BSDU emphasizes on the dual training system where the focus is majorly on practical experience and exposure. Tthis is the reason why students are offered a very flexible curriculum and are not bound to complete a particular programme in a fixed time schedule in case they are recruited by the industry in th3 middle of the program. A student has the flexibility of completing the programme as per his/her discretion. Programmes are designed in a unique way where the one-student-one-machinery environment is created to provide a work-station like experience. The students are trained under the watchful eyes of the experienced, knowledgeable SWISS trainers.

For more details please log on - http://www.ruj-bsdu.in/about-bsdu

About Aha3D Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Aha 3D (www.aha3d.in) was founded in 2010 with a mission to carry out fundamental development on 3D printing technologies, and to serve as a platform for high technology indigenous research in this area. Certified for quality under ISO 9001:2008, Aha3D machines are uniquely evolved to bring true value in the Indian context, while offering globally competitive features.

The core strength of the company is in-house design and development specialization on all aspects of machine design, including embedded firmware, application software, core electronics and mechatronics. All the machines are fully designed in-house, and manufactured in India by the Company’s complementary network of manufacturing partners. In addition, the company has a matching external consultant’s network in place, which ensuresessential aspects like design for optimum manufacturability, ergonomics, and human factors of the machines.