Bangalore 16th February 2018- V School, a virtuous concept of education which focuses, guides and prepares children for life. V-school through its various concepts believes in one mantra that every child should say “Mujhe Ghar Nahi Jaana hai, V school mein hi Rehna Hai”. An initiative where the focus is to make the child equipped with qualities and attitudes which teaches them on enhancing their creativity, self -confidence and make them global leaders of tomorrow.

V school brings along the change in the education system by learning through practice, where the grading is based on the talent and not through the report card One more creative side of this concept school is that all the rhymes have been created by the Directress of V School and her team and not the monotonous old poems which children would have already learnt at homes. Some of these standout poems make the children think positive and lead the path too.

V school provides them an edge over other pre-school students who listen to the same old rhymes again and again which we’re listening through ages. To achieve this Endeavour they have tied up with authors, songwriters, musicians, self-development trainers to design a specialized syllabus through stories, music, and rhymes which helps the child to get correct attitudinal guidance right from the beginning.  

Ms. Geetha Bafna -Directress, V- School says affection towards children has always been a prime focus. We aim at educating the children for the future and become independent from the early stage. The prime focus of V school is to build Values, Vision, and Virtues for the children and be a place where they are eager to come and learn something new.

About V- School:

V School is set up in Bangalore in the year 2015. The sole objective of the school is to provide a safe, vibrant and harmonious environment for their children. V- School, an idea, a haven where the focus is to make the child equipped with qualities and attitudes which will enhance their creativity, self-confidence and make them the Leaders of Tomorrow.