"Neurosurgeons of PGIMER, Chandigarh led by Dr. Dhandapani SS, Additional Professor have reported on Minimally invasive spinal endoscopy for large intradural spinal tumors in one of the most reputed 'Spine Journal'. This is probably one of the first in world literature to describe such minimally invasive neurosurgical spinal endoscopy for tumors as large as 7 cm. Intradural spinal tumors often pose a challenge necessitating extensive surgical exposure with attendant complications such as infection, back ache, CSF leak and deformity. For large cervical tumors, divergent tubular access system was utilized through intermuscular approach for greater exposure in the depth with minimal incision. With additional use of angled endoscopes providing panoramic visualization of sides and angles, even larger tumors could be removed with no handling of spinal cord. For large thoracolumbar schwannomas, Dr. Dhandapani used an innovative endoscopic sliding delivery technique through smaller bony opening. Among 34 patients who underwent micro-endoscopic or true endoscopic spinal surgery, 7 had tumors larger than 4 cm. With spinal endoscopy, clinical improvement and radiological resolution could be achieved in all with good cosmesis.

It is also to be noted that his team has also published on a novel minimally invasive keyhole approach for treating subarachnoid hemorrhage due to DACA aneurysms in 'World Neurosurgery' journal recently".