New Delhi, 23rd Feb 2018:National School of Drama (NSD) Campus 

Special Highlight:

Master Class: Distinguished sculptor Mr. K.S. Radhakrishnan has an appealing presence on the modern Indian sculptured scene. He will be the first guest at the ‘Master Class’ series, to be held at National School of Drama (NSD) Campus on 24th February 2018. Trained by two important figures of Indian modernism, Ramkinkar Baij and Sarbari Roy Choudhary, Mr. Radhakrishnan has used bronze as a prominent medium for his artistic expressions. (Abhimanch, 2 P.M.)

 Veteran well-known actor Mr. M Nasser will be the guest at the next ‘Master Class’, to be held at National School of Drama (NSD) Campus on 25th February 2018. Mr. Nasser has been an actor for over 30 years and received several awards, including ‘Kalaimamani’ – the highest honour presented by the Government of Tamil Nadu for performing artistes. He is also the president of the South Indian Artistes Association (SIAA), a union for film, television, and theatre actors and heads the Department of Acting at the Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy. (Abhimanch, 2 P.M.)


Lecture: Acclaimed actor known for his innovation and versatility, Mr. Jan Fabre deals with rituals and philosophical questions as well as violence, lust, beauty and erotica. His recent 24-hour project “Mount Olympus, to glorify the cult of tragedy” is one of the most outstanding productions. Mr. Fabre will be present at NSD campus on Saturday, 24th February, 2018. (Abhikalp, 11:00 A.M.)


Today’s Allied Activities


Meet The Director


Mr. Vidhwan Rao (Yakshagana Panchavati Ballet), Ms. Gunamoni Boruah (Hepahor Jooloonga), and Ms. Sutapta Awon (Natir Puja) attended the session today.

  • Talking about Yakshagana Panchavati Ballet, director Mr. Vidhwan Rao says, “We wanted to popularize the Yakshagana Ballet form, which takes 8 years of formal training. Rich music gives more impact to the production. There was hollowness in the music, which was the emotion we were trying to project.”
  • Director of Hepahor Jooloonga, Ms. Gunamoni Boruah says, “I resisted the urge to go to Mumbai because I wanted to keep the Assamese folk form alive. Thus, I worked towards making the Assamese tradition bloom. Theatre was the best medium to do so”
  • Talking about his production Natir Puja, Ms. Sutapta Awon says, “I was inspired by the fluid verbal of the Indian classical dances. Thus, I tried to fuse our drama with dance.”
  • Mr. Ronald Rand, who is all set to stage his play ‘Let it be Art!’ on 25th February 2018, says, “We bring humanity to life through theatre. Harold Clurman’s passion for theatre was infectious. My body is a vessel for bringing Harold Clurman to life. It is important to share the joy of creating theatre.”


Today’s Other Activities

Two plays were performed by colleges in Delhi under the umbrella of “Advitiya”, a segment for the young talents during the 8th Theatre Olympics.


  • Dyal Singh College (Evening): Titled ‘Rest and Peace’ centred on the notion to revise the norms and policies circumventing the death penalty in India.
  • Devi Memorial College: Presented by their dramatic society Anubhuti, talks about the cool guys and is based on ideological repression in consideration with cow vigilantism, mob lynching, and saffornisation.


Manipuri ‘Raas’ was performed at the Open Lawn of NSD campus during the 8th Theatre Olympics 2018. Involving extremely controlled, delicate body movements and graceful gestures, Ras Leela dance celebrates the eternal bond of love that exists between Lord Krishna and Radha and projects the pure and pristine devotion of the gopis for the Krishna. The dance form also symbolises of an eternal connection between the mundane human souls and the divine, supreme soul.


Tomorrow’s Highlights (Meet The Director): (Venue: Bahumukh; Time: 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.)*

Name of the Directors attending the session:

  • Mr. Theodoros Terzopoulos, play director (Encore) and Chairman, International Committee of Theatre Olympics
  • Mr. Manoj Shah, play director (Dr. Anandibai – Like, Comment, Share)
  • Mr. Malay Kumar Sahoo, play director (Serai Kela Chhau)
  • Mr. Debesh Chattopadhyay, play director (Tughlaq)


Colleges, performing at tomorrow’s ambiance performance, under the umbrella of ‘Advitiya’ (Venue: Open Lawn, NSD Campus, 10:00 A.M. onwards)*

  • Lakshmi Bai College
  • Miranda House
  • Shaheed Rajguru College for Women
  • Deshbandhu College

* Programmes subject to change