MUMBAI-23 March 2018 : The first Cinema Aaj Tak awards were organized in Mumbai at a grand scale. On this occasion,

Film journalism, film publicity, singer, musician, film director, film and TV artist were present along with the people who work behind the scene, social worker and business personalities.

On the occasion of completion of 8 years of Cinema Aaj tak magazine publication, an award show was organized. On greeting the guest present at the event, Narender Sharma divulged the Cinema Aaj tak award ceremony as an important award event. He quoted that we want to honor everyone related to cinema whether they are actor, actress, director, singer and even the technician and non-tech artist who are associated with the film and entertainment industry, who work hard to make the film a successful one.

From the film writer to the film publisher to film journalist, everyone were present at the event.

On this occasion, chief guest are the director Sawan Kumar Takh, Altaf Raja, Madhushri, Champak Jain, social activist and Congress leader Gurpreet Kaur Chandra, the main character of the famous show of And TV “Bhabhi ji ghar par hain”, Rohit Ganesha, Vishwajit Soni and many actors were present.
 Among the winners, Aksar 2’s actor Mohit Madan, film director Manoj Giri, writer Dhiraj Mishra, senior journalist Jyoti Venkatesh, Indra Mohan Pannu, Lipika Verma, Shyam Sharma, Virender Mishra, Iqbal Parvez photographer Ramakant Munde, BK Tambe, Raju Israni and film campaigner Anusha Srinivasan, Ashwani Shukla, Ekta Jain were present.