Chandigarh, April 15:To maintain peace and harmony in the wake of a violent clash between two communities in Phagwara, the Punjab Government has extended the temporary suspension of mobile internet services in 4 districts till April 16, 2018 with immediate effect.

          Disclosing this here today, an official spokesperson said that this order was issued for temporarily suspension of mobile internet services (2G/3G/4G/CDMA), all SMS services as well as all dongle services except voice calls in the territorial jurisdiction of four districts namely Kapurthala, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur and SBS Nagar districts as a precautionary measure.

          He further said that all telecom services providers in the State of Punjab and Head of BSNL (Punjab Jurisdiction) are directed to ensure compliance of this order. He said that any person found guilty for violation of aforesaid order, would be liable for legal action.






Chandigarh, April 15: In a hard-hitting reaction to Akali president Sukhbir Singh Badal’s ridiculous and uncalled for statement on his style of functioning, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday said he did not need any lessons from the former deputy chief minister, who had devastated the state with his mis-governance during the 10-year SAD-BJP rule.

Given his own total failure on the governance front, as was evident from the complete mess into which the erstwhile government had plunged the state, Sukhbir had no locus standi to comment on anyone’s governance style, said the Chief Minister, in a statement issued here.

Captain Amarinder Singh said Sukbir’s statement was totally senseless, conveying nothing more than his frustration over his party’s virtual effacement from the state’s political scene.

It was not his (Captain Amarinder’s) control (or lack of it) that Sukhbir should worry about, but his own loss of control in SAD, and more importantly, in Punjab’s political dispensation, said the Chief Minister.

Unlike the Akalis, led by the Badals, the Chief Minister said he believed in giving a free hand to his civil and police administration to function efficiently without fear or favour so that they can deliver effectively in line with the promises and policies of his government. The bureaucrats and police officials had been totally stifled by the Badals, he pointed out, adding that if that was the ‘control’ Sukhbir was referring to, then he was happy and proud not to be exercising the same.

Had he not given a free hand to the police, the gang wars, the targeted killings and the desecrations that had destroyed the state’s law and order under the Akali regime would still have been continuing, the Chief Minister pointed out. The bureaucracy was also now functioning more transparently than it was every allowed to do during the decade-long SAD-BJP rule, said Captain Amarinder Singh, pointing to the successful implementation of various government schemes by the bureaucrats.

The Chief Minister also challenged Sukhbir to come out with even one legal remedy which could have enabled the government to reverse its stand before the Supreme Court in the Navjot Singh Sidhu case.

Instead of wasting time in such falsehoods and propagation of mis-information, Sukhbir should invest his energies in securing the interests of Punjab with the central government, led by the SAD ally, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said the Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal has also lambasted Sukhbir for trying to mislead the people of Punjab with his blatantly false statements on the state’s financial situation. If the Badals had managed to generate some funds it was by mortgaging the state’s assets and not through fiscal management and revenue accretion, he said.

Manpreet accused the Akalis of mortgaging not just the state’s properties but the future of its youth for many generations to come. They sold out Punjab and its interests in every possible way, leaving behind a trail of devastation, capped by a Rs. 2.08 lakh crore debt burden, said the Finance Minister.

Instead of apologising to the people or trying to make amends by supporting the Congress government’s efforts to bring the state back on the growth track, Sukhbir continued to behave in a shockingly irresponsible manner, said Manpreet.

On the tag of ‘duplicate Badal’ given to him by Sukhbir, Manpreet said Sukhbir did not own the ‘Badal’ name, though he and his family were responsible for making it synonymous with all bad things done for Punjab and its people.





Chandigarh, April 15: Scotching speculation that Local Government Minister would be resigning from the state cabinet in view of the Supreme Court case against him, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday said there was no question of asking the minister to quit.

The Chief Minister pointed out that the Supreme Court had stayed Sidhu’s conviction in the road rage case in 2007 and was yet to pronounce its verdict on his petition challenging the high court order. The question of the minister resigning, merely because the state government had repeated its stand of 30 years in the case before the Supreme Court, did not arise, he added. “There was neither any impediment in Sidhu’s induction into the cabinet nor in his continuation now, in view of the stay on his conviction”, said the Chief Minister.

The categorical clarification from the Chief Minister came amid reports suggesting that Sidhu had been asked to resign, and also in the wake of the demand from the Opposition that he should step down.

While reiterating that his government could not have changed its stand in the apex court in the case against Sidhu, the Chief Minister once again expressed the hope that the judge would take cognizance of Sidhu’s contribution to the society and the country in deciding the case.

Captain Amarinder Singh described the recent developments in the matter as unfortunate, but maintained that his government had taken the only legally tenable stand in the Supreme Court.

Reacting to reports suggesting that the government had deliberately not supported the minister in the apex court, the Chief Minister pointed out unless the prosecution received new inputs, it was not legally possible for it to add a new element to its arguments.

As the state prosecution, the government’s lawyers had stated a certain viewpoint in the trial court as well as the High Court, he noted, adding that, in the absence of any fresh evidence, there was no way of changing that stand before the Supreme Court.

Speaking totally from a legal viewpoint, the prosecution is duty-bound to go by the facts and stick to the same, said the Chief Minister. Taking a U-turn from the stand taken by the government in the trial and high courts was not an option for the government, he added.


 Opposition leader Khaira using national emblem and national flag on his vehicle for which he is not entitled: Channi


Chandigarh, 15 April: Punjab Technical Education and Industrial Training Minister and senior Congress leader Mr. Charanjit Singh Channi has has levelled serious legations against leader of opposition and Aam Aadmi Party leader Mr Sukhpal Singh Khaira for misusing the national flag and national emblem on his vehicle which he is not entitled. In a press release issued here Mr. Channi said that there are specific instructions for using national emblem and national flag on vehicles but the leader of opostion Mr. Khaira is violating those norms as he is not entitled to use national flag and national emblem.              


  He is not a minister, he is leader of opposition enjoying facilities equivalent to a minister. Yet he is not a minister in terms of the law . Hence not entitled to the use of national flag and national emblem on his car as per provisions of the Flag code of India and the Emblems and Names ( prevention of improper use) Act,1950 and the rules framed there under.      


 Mr. Channi alleged that Mr. Khaira always creates drama in the name of VIP culture in one way or the other but he himself  enjoys all the facilities of VIP culture. He said that Mr. Sukhpal Khaira has been brought up in a VIP culture as his father was a police officer and a minister therefore he can not live without vip culture. He said that Mr. Khaira is a drama leader who always tries to befool people by resorting to such tactics where as in real life he enjoys VIP cultured .                                     


  Mr Channi further said that as per the provisions of using national emblem and flag Mr Sukhplal Khaira  should be fined and prosecuted. He said he is writing to to the Speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha to take action against Mr. Sukhpal Khaira for violating the norms. He said that the punjabi proverb ' Haathi de daand dikhan nu hor te khan nu hor' comes true in case of Khaira who project himslef pro people face where as reality is that he is power hungry and want to enjoy the VIP culture by clinging to power by hook or crook.He also appealed to the people of Punjab to be aware of such activities of such double faced leaders.