Chandigarh, May 16, 2018   -The International Day of Light is a global initiative by UNESCO that provides a platform for the continued appreciation of light and the role it plays in science, culture and art, education and sustainable development, and in fields as diverse as medicine, communications and energy.

 CSIO today organized a Light Festival “Learning with Light” to Celebrate International Day of Light. Over 500 students from various schools of Chandigarh participated in this event. Opening Remarks were given by Dr. Samir K. Mondal, HoD Photonics Division and then he introduced Prof. R. K. Sinha, Director CSIO as Chief Guest and invited him to give a popular talk on “Learning with Light”.

 Prof. R. K. Sinha won the hearts of all the young children by explaining to them the principles and nature of light in very interesting and easy to understand way. He stated with the very basics and then went on to explain the different theories of light not only from the textbook perspective but also by citing examples from practical everyday life. He also gave a glimpse of activities of CSIO in the field of optics and revealed the future plans of CSIO in the field of photonics. He said that the International Day of Light will contribute to build new bridges between scientific disciplines, education and the art, responding to the critical need for interdisciplinary science, and improved dialogue between citizens, scientists, decision makers, industry leaders and non-governmental organisations.

 Dr. Navneet Singh Aulakh, Senior Scientist, CSIO and his team of volunteers then took the students around to see various experiments using lasers, mirrors, lenses to give practical exposure to the students. Different quizzes, games and competitions on the theme of light were also conducted and the students of Saupins, GHS Sector 30, GHS Sector 29 and Kendriya Vidyala won on the spot prizes