Ludhiana,20.05.18-At Brahma Kumaris , Vishwa Shanti Sadan Retreat Center in village jhande under the guidance of center incharge of Ludhiana , Brahma Kumari Raj Didi ji , a remarkable spiritual lecture by B.K (Dr) Gurcharan Singh ( MBBS , DA , MBA, M,Sc VES,MBA [SM & CM ]) on the topic “Gurbani A life style” was organized
After the cordial welcome of invited dignitaries Mr. Raja (Renowned Media personality , Fastway ) and B.K (Dr) Gurcharan Singh with badges and bouquets, welcome dance by Brahma Kumari sister Novena was performed.
A brief introduction of inspirational speaker B.K (Dr) Gurcharan Singh was given by Brahma Kumar brother RajRishi.
Brahma Kumar brother (Dr) Gurcharan Singh wonderfully explained how to implement and inculcate the teachings of Gurbani in day to day life to lead a socio-spiritually enriched lifestyle. Most importantly, He made the public realize their true innate selves , thereby making them understand the vitality of communion of the soul with supreme soul , so as to rejuvenate their existence.
The Chief Guest applauded the Endeavour of Brahma Kumaris Sisters for organizing such divine events that enlighten the society towards betterment.
Brahma Kumari Saraswati didi ji foremost by thanking the supreme father , expressed her gratitude towards the speaker , chief guest and audience for sharing their valuable time and nourishing the environment with their pious presence . Brahma Kumaris Raj Didi ji presented the speaker and the chief guest with Godly gifts and blessed all present with her sacred words. Brahma Kumaris Sushma Didi ji made everyone experience true silence through meditation commentary in Punjabi which filled the ambience with serenity .
In the End audience expressed their views and were visibly very happy to attend the splendor filled holy program.