Mohali 25 May 2018-Gian Jyoti Global School organized a trip to Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala for its 300 students to educate them on the latest development in Science which can enhance their vision. 

 Almost every branch of science has been exhibited in the Pushpa Gujral Science City, right from physical, applied, natural and social sciences, engineering, technology, agriculture, health sciences, energy, industries, human evolution and civilization, the environment, ecosystems and Jurassic park. The students visited the fun science gallery, space and aviation gallery, amazing living machines gallery, sports gallery, energy park, virtual reality gallery, cyber space gallery and got the related presentations.

 Mrs. Ranjeet Bedi, Prinicipal, Gian Jyoti Global School while giving the information said that students were amazed to see the real life experiences at science city. Students  also enjoyed watching the visually stunning 3-D shows, laser show and a special show, "Back to the Moon", in the dome-shaped theatre.


The children then went to the 'climate change zone' where students learnt about the climatic changes and the required precautionary measures to be taken. During the visit students were that served with delicious food. The visit was an informative and enjoyable for one and all.