Chandigarh,25.05.18-Though every day is unique and deserves celebration of its own yet there are some special days that are designated for and dedicated to a common cause such as environment, biodiversity, climate etc.  Celebrations of these special days are not only for joy but sensitization and awareness of common masses too. 

On May 25, 2018, today a special Extension lecture on dengue at Panjab University was organized. Last year dengue created a lot of stress at Chandigarh and specifically at PU. This year in order to get better prepared Team NB of PU joined hands with Horticulture Division and Staff Club to create awareness about control measures of dengue. The much needed and informatory lecture was delivered by Dr. Ankur Diwan, Surgeon based at Panchkula. It was taught that virus of dengue is of four types. Earlier there was only one type of virus in India for dengue but now all are getting reported. He told the audience that dengue has originated from Thailand and from there it is now reaching the whole world. Some amazing facts were shared such as most of the victims of dengue are below the age of 32 years and a person get fever from dengue only once in life time for the rest of the life one may be carrier of dengue but antibodies produced from last infection would prevent one falling sick second time.  He explained that most of the colonies of Aedes, the tiger mosquito, need clean and stagnant water. Desert Coolers are ideal for them because those pump water from bottom and hence surface layer stays intact and become stagnant. He informed that a mosquito can cover about 400 meters to find blood required during breeding season.

The event was inaugurated by Er. Arun Thakur, Horticulture Division, Panjab University who later delivered vote of thanks as well. Dr. Rakesh Mohindra, Secretary, PU Staff Club was very happy with the outcome of the program and mentioned that such programs in educational institutes are need of the hour.

On the occasion for about thirty participants were chosen for body fat analysis that was conducted by Mr. Puneet Arora. About 50% of gardeners were found to be underweight but gladly about 90% of them were found to be healthy enough.

A nature\photo walk at Panjab University on May 20, 2018 was conducted collaborating with Horticulture Division of Panjab University where Er. Anil Thakur highlighted the featured of horticulture and taught the participants about the perspectives to click better photographs from horticultural viewpoint. Theme of the walk was flowers and trees of PU and whole campus was traversed by team 'Natural Biodiversity'.   

Next event of the series would be conducted on May 26, 2018 at GMHS RC2, Dhanas with a Workshop on 'Healthy Lunch Box'