Ludhiana 28 May 2018-Meeting of Innovative Fish Farmer’s Association (IFFA), Punjab was held for the month of May at College of Fisheries, Guru AngadDev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, which was attended by fifteen farmersfrom different districts of the state. The advent of favorable summer season for fish growth is also congenial for the propagation of some unwanted organisms in fish pond such as benthic organisms like freshwater snails. To address this issue, Technical Co-ordinator of IFFA Dr. VaneetInderKaur, Scientist (Fisheries) delivered a talk on ‘Management of snail population in fish ponds’.She apprised the farmers regarding major causes of snail infestation along with prevention and remedial measures to control these organisms. She also stressed upon adoption of preventive measures, as once the pond get infested with these harmful benthic organisms, it is very difficult to control the population due to their filter feeding and prolific breeding behaviour.

Dr. GrishmaTewari Assistant Scientist (Fisheries) gave elaborativetalk regarding management practices to be followed during summer season with respect to feed and feeding practices, water quality and health management. Ms. RajinderKaur, Assistant Scientist (Fisheries) delivered lecture on quality seed selection and stocking management in terms of number and size of seed, stocking time, stocking method etc. for fish culture.

An interactive session was also held by Dr. Prabjeet Singh, Assistant Professor (Fisheries) and Dr. Sachin O. Khairnar, Assistant Scientist (Fisheries)regardingculture of banned fish species like Thai magur and Big head carp. Dr. Meera D. Ansal, Head, Department of Aquaculture said that, farmers should come forward with their problems as well as feedbackson such platforms, so as to address them appropriately. She furtheradded that Punjab has tremendous scope for fish culture and to reap higher yield and income, there is need to adopt and adhere to best management practices in fish farming. Dr. Kulbir SinghSandhu, Dean College of Fisheries, also interacted with the farmers to know their views and concerns. Dr. Sandhu advised them to remain vigilant while purchasing any input like seed, feed etc. and also assured them to convey the seriousness of issue to the concerned authorities, so that remedial measures can be taken up appropriately.