NEW DELHI,14.06.18-Make Father’s Day special this year and show your appreciation by giving a gift he will love. Innisfree, the Korean naturalism brand from Jeju Island, South Korea offers specially curated gift boxes that will take care of your dad’s skincare needs. Innisfree’s Forest for Men range essentially has Phytoncide from Jeju's native pine, cedar, and retinispora trees that relieve skin stress leaving skin feeling refreshed.  

Box 1
  • Forest Fresh Skin – Refreshing and moisturizing skin that relives skin fatigue without leaving behind any stickiness.
  • Forest for Men All-in-one essence – It offers all functions of toner for better skin texture, lotion for smoother skin and essence for intensive care. 

  • Forest for Men Fresh Cleansing Foam – Cleansing Foam that relieves skin fatigue with Jeju phytoncide complex and removes skin waste and dead skin cells with menthol and scrub.
 Box 2: 
  •  Forest for Men Oil Control Cleansing Foam – It relieves skin fatigue with Jeju phytoncide complex and takes care of greatness by removing waste and sebum inside pores.
  • Forest for Men Oil Control Skin – It relieves skin fatigue by getting absorbed without stickiness in a cool and light sensation making skin feel cool and refreshed. 
  • Forest for Men Oil Control All-in-one essence – It takes care of excessive oiliness and sebum on men’s skin, making the greasy skin become smooth.

Box 3: 

  • Forest for Men Shaving and Cleansing Foam – Its soft lather adheres to the skin and reduces irritation while shaving and makes the skin clean and bright when used as cleansing foam.
  • Forest for Men Moisture Skin – It has a refreshing and relaxing effect which helps relieve exhaustion form men’s skin caused by stress, smoking and drinking.
  • Forest for Men All-in-one-essence – It takes care of various concerns at once that affect the ageing of men’s skin, such as wrinkles and elasticity, visible pores, dull complexion, and dry and rough skin texture, making men’s skin smooth and supple.