Chandigarh June 14, 2018-Shelja Sharma, a PhD research scholar from Department of Chemistry, Panjab University has bagged the Newton-Bhabha PhD placement 2017-2018 as per results 
declared by the British Council. Shelja is currently working under the supervision of 
Prof. Sushil Kumar Kansal from Dr. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar University Institute of 
Chemical Engineering & Technology and Prof S.K. Mehta of the Chemistry department. 
        The research group primarily focuses in devising efficient and novel 
nanomaterials for detection of heavy metals using fluorescence sensing techniques and 
for wastewater treatment using heterogeneous photocatalysis, adsorption. Shelja’s main 
study is concentrated on the study of synthesis and photoluminescence of carbon dots, 
as well as their applications in the field of photocatalysis and fluorescent sensing. 
She will be sponsored by British Council and Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. 
of India at the University of Hull, UK.