Chandigarh,21.06.18-Air NCC Cadets lead the way in promoting yoga in CHANDIGARH. A large number of Air NCC Cadets of No. 1 Chandigarh, Air Sqn NCC turned up to take part in a massive effort on the international Day of Yoga.

The Air NCC Cadets who performed the common Yoga Protocol, a set of Yogi postures, for 45 Minutes in perfect sync with each other.

Wing Commander MR Pandeya , CO Air NCC Chandigarh and his team led the way by example, completing all arrangements at the venue in time. The common Yoga Protocol began on dot at auditorium in the premises of NCC complex at Sector 31, which was turned in to a meditation hall. 129Air NCC Cadets, both boys and girls, sat in rows and performed the sets of Yogic postures in perfect unison with the movements of instructor Sgt Poonam Chand.

Beginning with a prayer, the Cadets performed some muscle loosening exercisesbefore getting in to a groove. The Cadets then performed’Yogasanas’, in standing,sitting and supine postures synchronizing the breathing with the movements of hands and legs.