Chandigarh,29.06.18-With a motive to bring personal development in children 5 day summer camp was organised by Brahma Kumaris, Ludhiana under the guidance of center in charge of Ludhiana Brahma Kumari Raj Didi Ji, in which more than 100 children were benefited. Main topics covered in this camp were, How to increase concentration, Thoughts - the basis of life, Foundation Of Success - Self Confidence, How to remove the fear of exams and The Aim Of Life.
The development of children through inculcation of values is the need of the hour. In this camp, their intellectual development was also made through various fun and frolic activities. Everything was taught through games.
On the last day of the camp, the VIP guests Mr. and Mrs. Subhash Batta were welcomed with badges and bouquets.
Children very enthusiastically showcased their craft work. Kids were presented with Participation Certificates and Gifts by BK Raj Didi Ji and the Chief Guest.
The Chief Guest applauded the Endeavour of Brahma Kumaris Sisters for organizing such divine events that enlighten the society towards betterment. The chief guest encouraged the children to walk on the path of righteousness by keeping an honest and a positive approach to their lives.
All the children were visibly very happy to attend the splendor filled program and shared their beautiful experiences with much zeal.
Brahma Kumari Saraswati didi ji foremost by thanking the Supreme Father, also thanked the chief guest for nourishing the environment with their pious presence.
Brahma Kumari Raj Didi ji presented the chief guest with Godly gifts and blessed all present with her sacred words.
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