Malerkotla : 29 June : In a noble gesture, the family of Manohar Lal Garg, resident of Malerkotla organized an awareness camp on Organ Donation alongside the Bhog of their demised father Master Dila Ram Garg Kuthalewale,, here at Kali Mata Ka Mandir, Malerkotla today .

On the occasion, Ms Priti Yadav, IAS, SDM Malerkotla honoured Shri Ram Avtar and his wife Sanauta, brave heart residents of Malerkotla, for their magnanimous and selfless gesture of Organ Donation of their deceased 21 year old son Suraj who lost his life in a fatal road accident on 5th May. The family’s kind consent for Organ Donation helped saving lives of three terminally ill patients with the transplantation of liver, kidneys and pancreas at PGIMER Chandigarh.

Paying rich tributes to the donor family, the SDM Malerkotla, Ms Yadav stated, “It’s a proud privilege to be a part of this noble cause. Lets be a part of the society where a family braving irreparable loss on one end, is serving so many lives on the terminal end and making the memory of their loved one unforgettable.”

Commending the initiative of Garg family, the SDM Malerkotla said that though Organ donation in India is still at a nascent stage. But all the efforts being put into improving public awareness about this altruistic cause are definitely indicating positive signs as many noble minds like that of the family of Shri Manohar Lal Garg from Malerkotla are coming forward to promote the cause. “

Dr Manjit Singh, Civil Surgeon, Malerkotla, highlighting the importance of Organ Donation, said, “ In our country where over 5 lakh are waiting for organ transplant, awareness about the cause can play a savior for those suffering from Organ failure and living in constant pain. So such initiatives by citizens deserve appreciation.”

Present on the occasion, Dr Nadeem Akhtar, Medical Officer, Malerkotla stated, “ No words are enough to thank the donor family for their selfless gesture of saving the lives of others when one is confronted with the darkest tragedy of one’s life.”

Sharing about the intent behind the initiative, Shri Manohar Lal Garg, the son of the deceased Master Dila Ram Garg said, “My father was known for his benevolent spirit and philanthropic works. He was a very giving person and always felt it was his duty to come to someone's help. He was the epitome of philanthropy who used to give regular donations for the poor and needy. He even donated a piece of land for building a temple. So we thought it would be a befitting tribute to the departed souls of both my father and donor Suraj if we promote the cause of Organ Donation.“

Dr Navneet Bansal, AMO Meharkalan and grandson of Master Dila Ram Garg, while reliving his cherish able moments spent with his grandfather said, “I remember discussing the concept of Organ Donation with him and he immediately agreed to pledge his eyes for donation. So forward was my grandfather in his thinking that organizing a camp about Organ Donation was an apt way to pay our tributes to the departed soul..”

The awareness camp was organized in collaboration with Regional Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (ROTTO) PGIMER Chandigarh under the aegis of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare at Kali Mata Mandir here at Malerkotla today. ROTTO PGIMER team comprising Saryu D. Madra, Consultant (IEC/Media), Navdeep Bansal and Karanjot Thind, (Transplant Coordinators) from PGIMER addressed the gathering and told residents about the benevolent gesture of Organ Donation. As many as 67.persons from among the gathering filled the forms and pledged to donate their organs on the occasion.