Chandigarh : 30 Jun 2018,.Appx50 NCC cadets of NCC Airwing Chandigarh took out a ‘Cancer Awareness Rally’in city on Saturday.

The rally was organised under the aegis of 1 Chandigarh Air Sqn NCC. Addressing the cadets before the rally, officials ofChandigarh Air wing NCC unit,JWO Rajesh Kumar and SgtPoonam Chand interacted with the cadets onthe preventive steps to check the diseaseand said cancer was curable when detected in early stages and persons should approach a doctor immediately when they find lumps in any part of the body. The rally passed through shops, streets and famous Japanese Garden of Sector 31 of the town and culminated at the NCC Complex here. The cadets raised slogans denouncing consumption of tobacco products, liquor and other addictives.

In a statement, Wing commander M R Pandeya, Commanding Officer, 1ChdAir NCC, said that the programme was intended to promote awareness about various types of cancers, motivate people to lead a healthy life style and quit bad habits like consumption of tobacco.

Wing commander HS Pannu Training Officer was present during awareness rally.